Squirt (10U)

10u – (Squirts 2010/2011)

10u – (Squirts 2010/2011) are for the player with the desire, passion, understanding, and ability to participate at the most competitive level of youth hockey we offer these age groups. A large family commitment is required at this level of play. A balance of teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence, on ice awareness, and technique is pursued at this level. The objective is to challenge the players thru some higher levels of competition. Teams will practice 2 to 3x weekly and may also be introduced to dryland training. The target number of games for this level is 40 to 50 including tournaments. Each of these teams will participate in a minimum of 3 area tournaments in the Greater Tri State Area &/or New England. Roster size objectives at the Squirt level is 13 skaters and two goalies per team.

Squirt Minor

Squirt Major

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