Mite (8U)

8u – cross ice format

Mite Major / Minor – This is the first introduction to game play and is grouped appropriately by age – for the 2020-21 season the Major team will consist of players born in 2012. The Mite Minor team will consist of players born in 2013-2014. Practice will occur 2x weekly and cross-ice gameplay also 2x weekly with a few exceptions for Holidays or a day off. The target number of games at this level is 25. The Mite Major and Minor team will play up to two local tournaments or Jamborees. Roster size objective of 10 per team.

Mite Development – This is for the newest player or the player not quite ready to make the move to travel. Your child will practice with their appropriate age/skill group 2x weekly but WILL NOT participate in any officially scheduled game play. Players at this level could be comprised of those born between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2014.

Mite (8u) minor

Mite (8U) Major