Bantam (14U)

14u – Bantams (2006/2007)

Will carry an A/B type designation due to the constant movement at this level          ·

Bantam teams are for the player with the desire to continue to develop their skills and game play while having the desire to play at the next level be it Midget and/or High School. It is expected that our teams will be highly competitive and passionate as they have progressed to our highest full-season level. Some players opt-out after one season to join their High School Teams whereas others complete two years and age out of youth hockey. The players at this level are expected to represent Western with pride win, lose, or draw! The focus at this level is to refine and expand upon the skill and knowledge development to learn how to best protect, position, and respect yourself and the game. The teams will be selected based on skill. The target number of games for this level is 40 to 50 including tournaments. Each of these teams will participate in a minimum of 3 area tournaments in the Greater Tri-State Area &/or New England. Roster size objectives at the Bantam level are 18 skaters and 2 goalies per team.